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Tutshi Charters

Places You Will See
Route: Carcross to Ben-My-Cree

From 1917 until 1955 the paddle-wheeler S.S. Tutshi steamed a 93 mile trade and travel route between Carcross, Yukon and Ben-My-Cree in British Columbia down the breathtaking 250 mile chain of the Southern Lakes system - the headwaters of the world famous Yukon River. Carcross itself is located 45 minutes (48 miles) south of the City of Whitehorse on the South Klondike Highway.

Tutshi River Camp is one of the old picturesque village sites.

Engineer Mine operated as a gold mine sometime between 1902 and 1932.

This is one of the old buildings at Engineer Mine, it used to be the old store.

A thirty pound lake trout caught in the Southern Lakes.

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